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Center cut (NATIVE) landscape 

Stamped concrete

Examples of our work and designs...

Country Garden

Fence Border Landscape - Crimson Sunrise


grass reduction landscape borders

Ornamental grasses

We Grow our own plants

 Drought Tolerant 

Pavers and Masonry

And so can you

Artificial Turf 

Dry creeks

Pavers and Masonry

save water by eliminating sprinklers

The designs and landscapes on this page are examples of our products...

Grass reduction or elimination with additional landscape space on Drip Irrigation to save water and beautiful Concrete, pavers and other masonry products.

Please use our "Contact" page to request an estimate, quote, or consult and let us know how we can help. We will meet with you at your location, check soil and climate conditions, and go over options...

...we use RealTime Landscaping photo to create designs like the 3 examples below...