Mulch makes every landscape beautiful... Mulch helps prevent weeds, traps moisture and helps keep your plants from freezing.  Once the leaves have fallen its time for MULCH! 

Contact us for a free quote or count your fence panels and place your order! 

Each fence panel (post to post) is approximately 8 feet wide (width) and 6 feet tall (or long); 1 yard (27 cubic feet) will cover 2 fence panels with approximately 3 inches of mulch. Just imagine your fence on the ground and for every 2 fence panels you need 1 yard of mulch. Send us a picture of your space or contact us for a free quote and to go over options. We are owned and operated by a Licensed Contractor so we can clean up the landscape too!  

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Actual Ground Hardwood Mulch

Mahogany, Black and Natural colors...

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