Cut plants upright after the second crotch and to the shape and size of the original architecture to improve health and fertility... Trim away smaller lesser producing shaded limbs and leave at least 5 nodes on each fertile limb.

Install Flag Drip Emitters... The flags come in various GPH (gallons per hour) and are interchangeable... Start with a higher capacity and change to a lower capacity as the plant's root system matures and needs less water


Using a drill and bulb planter or mini auger, drill several holes in the reservoir of each plant and fill the holes with compost and fertilizer, then spread mulch across the surface to help retain moisture, and keep the roots from freezing.


Mow the lawn to two inches, DETHATCH, and PLUG AERATE then rake compost into the aeration holes to help water penetrate, which helps the lawn roots grow deeper and stronger. Reseed with TALL FESCUE lawn seed and spread seeding soil over the new lawn seed and allow it to grow to 5+ inches

 How to restore your landscape and make it drought friendly... 

Reseed with Tall Fescue lawn seed and allow it to grow 5+ inches so it shades the soil and keeps it moist longer. Plug Aerate your lawn and rake compost into the holes to help water penetrate the tough clay surface and travel deeper which helps develop stronger roots for thicker stronger grass that needs less water

ROTARY STREAM SPRAY NOZZLES save 30%... Typical spray nozzles create a fine mist that is lost to evaporation. Rotary Stream Spray Nozzles are 30% more efficient because they shoot a stream of water at various stream lengths to their target so less water is lost to wind drift and evaporation.